Garden Improvement

The View Ridge Garden needs love!  Help our Garden Grow!

All good things come to pass and the same is true for our beloved garden beds here at View Ridge.  Our previous beds that were built with love, donations, and a lot of hard work by dedicated staff and caring PTA members are degrading and beyond repair.  It is time for a rebirth of our beds and garden!

Our vision is to build 12 new beds designed to accommodate large classes and 2 ADA compliant beds.  Over time, we would like to add an exploratory sensory space for classes to utilize as they wish in the back section of the garden. 

The View Ridge Garden is an important hub for our community.  Gardens are beautiful diverse environments that attract life and foster connections with the natural world.  Engaging in a school garden provides students with an opportunity to learn about relationships within ecosystems, the life cycle of plants, the importance of pollinators, and how food is grown.  Giving students the opportunity to get their hands in the soil connects them with the natural world and fosters a rich sensory experience.


  • Donate to the garden fundraiser
  • Come to the BBQ and pick up some plants!
  • Sign up for future work parties and other volunteering opportunities

Stay tuned for more events coming soon to help raise money and interest in growing our garden!

Garden Co-Chairs: Dayleen Kroontje & Angela King